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We've all heard about it. Hemp oil is the most widely known answer to support the well-being of your body and mind, in a non-intoxicating, natural plant-based way.

May reduce stress

May promote relaxation and calm

May improve sleep

It's fast-acting! Just one drop of the hemp oil directly under your tongue and your body may feel more calmed and relaxed. Click the button to learn more dosing information.

There's Greatness Inside Every 4F Bottle

Why Is 4F Wellness IsBetter Than Other Brands

4F Wellness’ broad-spectrum hemp oil is infused with natural and tasty peppermint extract to provide a clean, refreshing taste. Choosing to use hemp may help ease day-to-day stress from your busy life, but also may support your overall well-being.


Many people in the 4F Family report enjoying being able to incorporate wellness into their daily routineby adding our Cool Mint flavored oil to drinks such as smoothies, tea, coffee and milkshakes.

4F Wellness: It’s Not Your Typical Hemp Oil

We Thrive To Transform Your Health & Well-Being

Most people use hemp products to support the health in different and very specific ways. These issues are different for each person, and that’s why we are committed to give you the help you need to overcome any challenges.


We enjoy reading stories of how our products change people’s lives, and that happiness fuels our dedication to continue improving your health and well-being! Discover the benefits of our hemp oil for yourself today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We Have Answers

Can I use hemp oil for stress or pain?

4F Wellness' oil can be used to help promote a sense of calm and support the management of normal day-to-day stress. Our products may also be able to reduce pain, support focus and help maintain normal emotional balance. Our products are not designed to treat, cure, or diagnose any form of anxiety disorders, mental health conditions, or other medical ailments.

Does hemp promote relaxation?

Our hemp products may promote relaxation and a calming effect. Please consult with a physician if you have questions on the effects and how it may affect you specifically.

Why is 4F Wellness' oil better than other oils on the market?

Our love and passion for health and wellness have driven us to create innovative products aimed at providing owners with all-natural alternatives that promote health and well-being.

  • Broad Spectrum Phytocannabinoid Rich Oils
    • Think you've tried hemp oil before with little to no results? You may have tried hemp Isolate, which does not contain the more potentially helpful parts of the hemp plant. As a broad-spectrum product, our oil may be better able to assist you.
  • CO2 extraction
  • Each product is formulated with your wellbeing in mind, manufactured in our GMP Certified, ISO-9001 FDA registered facility
  • Third party lab tested (available upon request).
  • Homogeneously suspended in high Omega-3 Hemp Oil.
  • Free of solvents, pesticides, metals, and unnatural substances.
  • We provide a dosing chart and oral syringe (our charts and delivery method is to ensure the maximum amount per dose).

Will Hemp Products Get Me High?

No, our hemp products are not intoxicating. THC is the compound that causes a "high", and all 4F Wellness products have less than the federally legal limit of 0.3%. Our broad-spectrum products comply with all FDA regulations.

What Makes 4F Wellness' Oils Different?

Our oils are a hemp-drived product, but they are also full spectrum. Extracted from the highest quality, all naturally occurring hempand then suspended in high omega-3 Hemp Oil, each product is formulated with your well being in mind.

Our products are manufactured in our GMP Certified, ISO-9001 Certified FDA registered facility. We do not use ANY artificial ingredients, flavors, preservatives, or colors whatsoever.


Our product is 100% pure and something that can be found only in nature. We only create and sell a product we would give to our own friends and family (and we do!).

Can I Use Your Products More Than Once a Day?

If you're new to the hemp world, here's our recommendation: beginning with a half-full dropper (.5mL dose) of our 600mg strength oil, administer the dose once a day under the tongue for 30 seconds.


Take notes of how you are responding; some people may notice effects almost immediately while others may notice changes after 1-2 weeks of taking a daily dose. Monitor the signs and symptoms over a few days to weeks' time, and make adjustments based on your response.


View our chart for suggested use.

Once I Start Hemp Oil Therapy, Should I Always Take It?

Ask yourself this; once you decide to eat healthy, do you have to continue eating healthy in order to gain the benefits from the nutrients and vitamins found in that food? The answer is yes. This is a lifestyle change and like all other lifestyle changes, they must be consistent in order to achieve the best results.

The World of Hemp Can Be Confusing

We're Here To Help

Our team is driven by a strong, mutual passion for helping people. We believe that in order to do your best, you need to feel your best, too.


We know first-hand how incorporating hemp products into one's wellness routine could revolutionize a person's life. Since then, it has been our mission to provide an all natural solution for pain, discomfort, inflammation, PMS symptions, stress, sleeplessness, indigestion, and instead promote your overall wellness.


Contact us with any questions!